Our People

P3 Research’s staff includes doctors, nurses, professional researchers and administrative personnel.

Staff members are highly motivated and provide a safe and comfortable environment for volunteers, whilst at the same time delivering a professional, high quality and efficient service for sponsors.

A wide range of backgrounds provides a wealth of experience in many therapeutic areas.

Leadership Team

Professor Richard S Stubbs MD, FRCS, FRACS
Managing Director & Investigator

Richard Stubbs is a recently retired academic surgeon who undertook surgical training in the UK and US. In 1991 he established the Wakefield Gastroenterology Centre where he and colleagues developed a National referral centre for gastrointestinal diseases and an active private Research Institute. He developed a particular reputation in the fields of liver surgery and obesity surgery, and for over 20 years led an active basic science research team in the Wakefield Biomedical Research Unit investigating the fundamental cause of insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes, and the basis of metastasis in colorectal cancer. Richard is a 50% shareholder in P3 Research and took over as Managing Director in 2010.  Since that time he has grown the company from its previous two sites, located in Wellington and Tauranga, to its present four sites following the addition of Hawke’s Bay (2015) and Waikanae (2020). He was president of the NZ Association of Clinical Research (NZACRes) from 2016 – 2019.

P: +64 4 901 2560

Dr Dean Quinn
Wellington Unit Manager & Investigator

Dean graduated from the University of Otago in 1993 and worked in general, cardiac, endocrinology and rehabilitation medicine prior to joining P3 Wellington in 2004. Dean was previously a member of the Wellington Asthma Research Group where he took part in a number of respiratory trials. Dean was appointed Unit Manager of the P3 Wellington site in May 2005, where he has been Principal Investigator for over 50 clinical trials. In addition to his particular interest in asthma and COPD he has extensive experience of Phase 2 and 3 clinical trials across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

P: +64 4 801 0002

Katie Kennett
Tauranga Unit Manager / Study Coordinator

Katie is a registered nurse who has been involved in clinical research for over 25 years. Prior to joining P3 Research Katie was manager of the Research Department of Tauranga Urology Research and was instrumental in establishing that unit as an internationally recognised facility. Katie joined P3 Research in March 2006, soon after the Tauranga site was established, as Unit Manager, and over this time has seen P3 develop expertise/experience in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

P: +64 7 579 0453

Alison Strong
Hawkes Bay Unit Manager / Study Coordinator

Alison is a registered nurse with a Master of Nursing (Hons) degree from Massey University, Wellington. Prior to joining P3 Hawke’s Bay in January 2016 she worked as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Heart Failure. Alison has also held educational roles with Massey and Victoria University in Wellington and been involved in a number of nursing research projects with Massey University staff. She was appointed Manager of the P3 Hawke’s Bay site in October 2017.

P: +64 6 824 3071

Angelique (Ang) Visser
Waikanae Unit Manager / Study Coordinator

Ang joined the P3 team in November 2020 as a Study Co-ordinator at our Waikanae Unit, and in March 2021 accepted the role of Unit Manager. Ang comes with a wealth of experience as an administrator in clinical research, having worked in this area for many years in her native South Africa. Since emigrating to New Zealand in 2005 she has built excellent connections on the Kapiti Coast with businesses and healthcare providers, having run her own private recruitment company specialising in medical and pharmaceutical roles.

P: +64 4 908 1011

Bo Liu
Finance Officer

Bo holds a Bachelor of Science and Engineering degree from China and a Master of Accounting degree from University of Hawaii, USA.  Since obtaining her Accounting degree in 2006 she held a number of accounting positions in Hawaii and New Zealand, before joining the Wellington office of P3 Research in early 2012 as our Finance Officer. She works closely with the Managing Director on all financial matters for the Company.

P: +64 4 801 0002

Lele Ma’auga
Administration Services Manager

Lele has been the PA/Practice Manager to Richard Stubbs in his role as Director of the Wakefield Clinic since 2007, and assumed a key role in the administration, HR and marketing activities of P3 Research in 2013 soon after Richard Stubbs took on the role of Managing Director of P3 Research.  She has a thorough knowledge and understanding of office administration, IT systems and the medical and pharmaceutical world.

P: +64 4 901 2560

Our P3 Research Units also work with a number of local specialists who function as investigators and provide expertise in a variety of therapeutic areas. such as cardiology, endocrinology, diabetes, gynaecology, dermatology, gastroenterology and general medicine.

If you’d like to contact P3 Research please contact us today.

The Team at P3

Wellington team >>

Wellington Staff


Professor Richard Stubbs Managing Director & Investigator

Bo Liu Finance Officer

Lele Ma’auga Administration Services Manager


Dr Dean Quinn Unit Manager & Investigator

Research Staff

Dr Joanna Joseph Investigator

Heather Timmings Study Coordinator & Team Leader

Julie Flynn Study Coordinator

Mary Mckay Study Coordinator

Stella Moon Laboratory Manager & Study Coordinator

Admin Staff

Anna Montgomery Administrator 

Deanna Sloane Staff Support

Tauranga team >>

Tauranga Staff 


Katie Kennett Unit Manager & Study Coordinator

Research Staff

Dr Jackie Kamerbeek Investigator

Dr Katrina Allen Investigator

Amanda Miller Study Coordinator

Emma Downard Study Coordinator

Jo Swindail Study Coordinator

Admin Staff

Debbie Ross Administrator & Laboratory Assistant

Tricia Noad Administrator & Laboratory Assistant

Hawke’s Bay team >>

Hawke’s Bay Staff 


Alison Strong Unit Manager & Study Coordinator

Research Staff

Dr Andrew McMaster Investigator

Dr Nine Smuts Investigator

Dr Sara Mata Investigator

Crawford Davidson Laboratory Manager & Study Coordinator

Judi Wallis Study Coordinator

Barb Brown Research Nurse

Admin Staff

Sally Muir Administrator

Waikanae team >>

Waikanae Staff 


Angelique Visser Unit Manager & Study Coordinator

Research Staff

Dr Anne-Christine Poracchia Investigator

Dr Nicki Pointing Investigator

Angelica Corpuz Laboratory Manager & Study Coordinator

Jess Ongley Study Coordinator

Karen Autridge  Study Coordinator


The staff at P3 are very friendly and helpful and made the experience easy to cope with. I wouldn’t hesitate to volunteer for any similar trial at P3.

Gwen T.

I was invited to take part in a study of a new medication for pancreatitis. The study was for 3 nights and the staff made me feel very comfortable and put my mind at ease. I would put my hand up to volunteer again.

Barry S.

I have secondary progressive MS and participated in a year long drug trial at P3. It was a great experience. I was really well informed, so cared for during the weekly infusions and assessments and I would join another trial with P3 like a shot. Thank you especially Mary and Dean.

Jenny S.

Our Clients