What will happen to the information that is collected?

  • Posted by Lele M
  • On 09/01/2018

Your personal information, such as your name, address and contact details will be kept by P3 Research and will remain confidential. We will ask for your permission to keep your personal information in a database so that we can contact you later if you are interested in taking part in more trials. You can decline this request if you choose. Your study results, such as blood tests or the results of other assessments will be sent to the sponsor company for analysis. Once the company compares your results with those of everybody else on the study, they will be able to determine if the treatment is effective and if any changes need to be made in future studies. The Sponsor company will not be given your name and will not be able to link your results back to you. The results of the study may be presented at scientific meetings, or may be published in scientific journals such as The Lancet or The New England Journal of Medicine. Your name will not appear in any presentation or publication. The study results may ultimately be sent to regulatory authorities around the world as part of a marketing application for a new or updated treatment.