Who checks that the study is OK?

  • Posted by Lele M
  • On 09/01/2018

Before any study can be performed it has to be approved by an independent Ethics Committee. This Committee includes doctors, researchers, consumer representatives and may also include lawyers, statisticians and pharmacists. They are completely independent to P3 Research and the sponsor company and it is their job to make sure that all studies are being performed in an ethical manner and not putting patients at unnecessary risk. They will not approve any study that they are not happy with. For all new medicines or medicines that are being used in a new way, the study must also be approved by the Ministry of Health. In addition to these independent checks all studies will be thoroughly reviewed by P3 Research’s experienced medical staff and, if the study is being sponsored by a pharmaceutical company, it will also have been designed and reviewed by their medical and research staff. Despite all these checks it is important to remember that all studies carry some risk and there is always the possibility of unexpected side effects.