A New Zealand Leader in Clinical Trials

As a leader in clinical trials we pride ourselves on delivering accurate, fast and independent clinical research data within a safe and high quality environment.

For Pharma and Biotech companies planning Phase 2 trials, placement of these with us in New Zealand can play a critical role in saving time and money through the avoidance of IND applications and our rapid start-up with short reliable timelines.

P3 Research Ltd is an independent clinical research company, and New Zealand’s leading provider of Phase 2 and 3 clinical trials. Our clinical research sites are capable of performing studies from small scale Phase 2 trials to large scale, longer term Phase 3 studies.

P3 Wellington has been recognised by MAGI as a Blue Ribbon site.

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Super fast
timeframes with P3

Response to feasibilities24 to 48 hours
Ethics submission preparation5 to 7 days
Ethics approval 4 to 6 weeks
Regulatory approval4 to 6 weeks
Ethics submission to FPFV3 to 4 months

P3 RESEARCH – Your First Choice For Phase 2 and 3 Clinical Trials


  • Specialists in Phase 2 trials, including overnight stays
  • Standardised NZ-wide contract and indemnity documents
  • One-stop contract/budget review
  • Smooth, rapid processes for regulatory and centralised ethics
  • Fast start up / short timelines – as little as 3 months to FPFV
  • Reliable and motivated staff and volunteers
  • Reliable recruitment
  • 20 years experience and over 100 trials completed
  • Extensive database of volunteers
  • Prepare for funding and regulatory access across Asia and the Pacific


  • COPD, asthma (including allergen challenges and sputum induction) Type 2 diabetes, vaccine studies, chronic pain
  • Conditions of high prevalence generally managed in primary care (e.g. skin conditions, migraine, OA, dyslipidaemia, anticoagulation)


  • Independent clinical trials company
  • Seven dedicated clinical trial research facilities
  • Regular sponsor audits over many years, no major findings
  • Experienced in house investigators
  • Experienced study coordinators
  • Internal SOP system and QA procedures
  • ICH – GCP compliant
  • Certificated for cold chain storage
  • Compliant with cold chain storage

All units have on-site laboratory for processing biologic samples:

  • -200C freezer
  • -800C freezer
  • On-site temperature controlled Pharmacy
  • Drug refrigerator
  • Multi-speed refrigerated centrifuge
  • Software-driven ECGs
  • Access to local analytical laboratories and well equipped Radiology facilities
  • Secure area for storage of documents and clinical trial supplies
  • High speed internet connection
  • Telephone, fax and modem connection
  • Off-site archiving facility
  • Secure entry to facility
  • Office area for visitors & monitors
  • Rapid access to international shipping companies

The Wellington clinic also offers:

  • Laboratory with biohazard cabinet
  • Access to whole body plethysmograph for specialist respiratory research

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