A New Zealand Leader in Clinical Trials

As a leader in clinical trials we pride ourselves on delivering accurate, fast and independent clinical research data within a safe and high quality environment.

For Pharma and Biotech companies planning Phase 2 trials, placement of these with us in New Zealand can play a critical role in saving time and money through the avoidance of IND applications and our rapid start-up with short reliable timelines.

P3 Research Ltd is an independent clinical research company, and New Zealand’s leading provider of Phase 2 and 3 clinical trials. Our four clinical research sites are capable of performing studies from small scale Phase 2 trials to large scale, longer term Phase 3 studies.

P3 Wellington has recently been recognised by MAGI as a Blue Ribbon site.

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timeframes with P3

Response to feasibilities24 to 48 hours
Ethics submission preparation5 to 7 days
Ethics approval 4 to 6 weeks
Regulatory approval4 to 6 weeks
Ethics submission to FPFV3 to 4 months

P3 RESEARCH – Your First Choice For Phase 2 and 3 Clinical Trials

  • Specialists in Phase 2 trials, including overnight stays
  • Standardised NZ-wide contract and indemnity documents
  • One-stop contract/budget review
  • Smooth, rapid processes for regulatory and centralised ethics
  • Fast start up / short timelines – as little as 3 months to FPFV
  • Reliable and motivated staff and volunteers
  • Reliable recruitment
  • 15 years experience and over 100 trials completed
  • Extensive database of volunteers
  • Prepare for funding and regulatory access across Asia and the Pacific


  • COPD, asthma (including allergen challenges and sputum induction) Type 2 diabetes, vaccine studies, chronic pain
  • Conditions of high prevalence generally managed in primary care (e.g. skin conditions, migraine, OA, dyslipidaemia, anticoagulation)


  • Independent clinical trials company
  • Three dedicated clinical trial research facilities
  • Regular sponsor audits over many years, no major findings
  • Experienced in house investigators
  • Experienced study coordinators
  • Internal SOP system and QA procedures
  • ICH – GCP compliant
  • Certificated for cold chain storage
  • Compliant with cold chain storage

Who can I talk to for more information?

For information about studies at P3 Research:

Katie Kennett 07 579 0453

Dean Quinn 04 801 0002

Or for general information you can speak to a Health and Disability Advocate on 0800 555 050

If you have any questions please contact us today

You can also see our Current Studies here.


The staff at P3 are very friendly and helpful and made the experience easy to cope with. I wouldn’t hesitate to volunteer for any similar trial at P3.

Gwen T.

I was invited to take part in a study of a new medication for pancreatitis. The study was for 3 nights and the staff made me feel very comfortable and put my mind at ease. I would put my hand up to volunteer again.

Barry S.

I have secondary progressive MS and participated in a year long drug trial at P3. It was a great experience. I was really well informed, so cared for during the weekly infusions and assessments and I would join another trial with P3 like a shot. Thank you especially Mary and Dean.

Jenny S.

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